Fool Tale Spinning

All songs by Dana Hanchard

Recorded in Japan, 2008

Fertile Ground Music/ Aodoa.

Dana Hanchard voice/piano
Kazu Michishita, guitar
Yuta Kaneko, hammond organ
Osamu Koichi, electric bass
Ryu Kawamura, acoustic bass
Saori Sendo, percussion


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Dana Hanchard

 listen to COVER ME

 Songkeeper  debut CD 3 songs. Recorded in Honolulu & NYC 2004

Recognized internationally for her concert work, American singer and composer Dana Hanchard’s remarkable musical path continues to be extraordinary in its richness and diversity.

Dana Hanchard,Vocal
Doug Tolentino, Vocal
Klaus Mueller, piano
Tony Cedras, accordian
Jeff Peterson, guitar
Frank Cassara, Marimba
George Wellington, Ac. Bass
Sergio Brandao, Elec. Bass
Gilad, percussion

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Once Canciones (Eleven Songs) de Diego Luzuriaga

Haunting, intimate love songs and lullabies for acoustic guitar and voice, capturing the composer's personal musings and meditations on love and life, innocence and loss.

Dana Hanchard, voice
Bill Girolamo, guitar


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Dana Hanchard Music

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Dana Hanchard Music

 from SONG OF ONE live online workshop  for Evolver learning labs  Intoduction to Sound Therapy with Alexandre Tannous

Guest: Dana Gae Hanchard  

For our fifth session, Alexandre's guest will be the vocal artist and composer Dana Gae Hanchard. Dana will present "Song Of One," a fundamental practice in grounding, unifying and resonating life force energy with increased awareness and focused intention through singing. "Healthy singing belongs to no category, style, or culture of singing. It comes from a body integrated with mind and spirit. A healthy voice is the voice of one who can express from one’s heart freely.  

"Song Of One" encourages you to explore a meditative singing practice and will give you techniques to bring about greater freedom, ease and vitality in the body and voice. You will find improvement in your musical and rhythmic skills by learning songs and movements designed to bring you into greater harmony within yourself and the environment." 

Dana will offer instruction in:  

Anchoring yourself in the cosmos through the breath  
Training the release of the body-mind in order to allow full vibratory resonance in the voice and response in the "body bell"  
Singing with better balance and poise, increased support, greater dynamic range and musicality  
Singing to the smile behind the eyes and into all cells; this activates the pituitary gland and also the soft palate "lift" necessary for fuller release and vibratory resonance  
New songs that will make you feel more life energy, songs you will remember for a long time to help lift you along the way